Your Guide To Increasing HMO Security

With the current state of several economies and increasing prices in just about everything, HMO properties are becoming increasingly popular between students and young working individuals. Sharing housing with other tenants can drastically reduce the cost of living for more youthful individuals. It provides an affordable means of housing for people; in many cases, it can also be more profitable for the landlord.

As the landlord of an HMO property, you have a responsibility to maintain your property continuously and keep all your tenants safe. This will be highly beneficial for keeping your HMO property full as well as giving your tenants peace of mind at the same time. Within this article, we will discuss how you can improve your HMO security.

Utilize Access Control Systems Within Your HMO Properties

An access control system is a software that manages who is allowed into your facility or property. It does this by verifying credentials for every permitted entry and exit as well as keeping records of such. By implementing a system like this, you have greater control over who may and may not enter the property, preventing unauthorised personnel from gaining access to your property and keeping your tenants safe. You can even go as far as allowing specific access to certain individuals to manage who has access to which rooms and so forth.

Access control card systems are typically used on commercial properties rather than residential properties due to access control card systems being expensive to replace. Occasionally, residential properties such as a block of flats will use an access control system on the main doors and use cylinders on individual flat doors.


Install A Master Key System in Your HMO Properties

The master key system is the perfect, innovative, access control solution that eliminates the need of carrying around a bunch of keys and struggling to match keys to locks. Wondering what is a master key system? It’s a lock system where you as a landlord can access multiple locks with one key; you can also offer keys to tenants and determine which locks their key works on. Having this much control over your HMO property makes the whole process much more convenient for you. By doing this, you have ultimate control over who has entry and who doesn’t; you can divide property rooms and still have access to all of them.

CCTV System

Closed-circuit Television, also known as CCTV and video surveillance, is where video cameras transmit a signal to the desired place. This is purely for enabling yourself to keep an eye on what’s going on at your HMO property. A CCTV system will also provide you with critical footage that can be used as evidence in the event that somebody tries to break into your HMO property. It also gives you control over enforcing rules at your premises; ensuring tenants don’t damage your property. By providing yourself with a real-time view of your HMO property, ensure you are in control.

Exterior Lighting

Exterior lights are usually low voltage or solar-powered lighting used for illuminating outdoor areas of your HMO property. This can increase the security and visibility of a property and will help in preventing trespassing. By implementing a quality lighting system, you also enhance the CCTV footage at night, which will offer better results in an investigation.

Ensure your HMO property complies with the latest regulations and is safe for any tenants paying for safe living conditions. This will give everyone peace of mind knowing that your HMO property is safe and secure, and allow you to have a good relationship with your tenants.

Ready To Increase Your HMO Security?

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    Ready To Increase Your HMO Security?

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