We’ve been delivering master key systems for more than 25 years, to both small independent landlords with 15-20 properties and some of the largest corporate landlords in the UK.

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We’re equally at home delivering for individual properties, multiple properties or HMOs. In all cases, we deliver exactly what the client needs, through a combination of hard-earned, on the job experience and a commitment to using the latest technology, which includes leading-edge computer key cutting software.

Whether a landlord is looking for an entry-level key system or one which is high-security Kite Marked TS007 3*, we can work with them to deliver exactly what they need, and in the last ten years alone we’ve supplied more than 600,000 cylinders.

In many cases, a landlord will come to us with a clear idea of what they need, and we’ll work quickly to make it happen. Alternatively, they might only know that they don’t want to be carrying around a heavily laden ‘jailers ring’ of multiple keys for multiple properties. If this is the case our experts will analyse their precise requirements before telling them exactly what they need and then delivering it.

We pride ourselves on our customer service, being flexible enough to deliver the full range of systems, from an open key system in which duplicate keys can easily be obtained through key cutting outlets, all the way up to a registered key system, which carries design protection and prohibits unauthorised key cutting.

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    Why Invest in a Master Key Suite?

    First and foremost a landlord using one of our master key suites avoids the inconvenience of having to carry multiple keys to access the various parts of their properties. In addition to this, they will be able to carefully control access for authorised individuals such as cleaners and maintenance workers, and as well as providing traditional cylinder locks we can equip areas of a property or properties with padlocks.

    The peace of mind we offer landlords is complete because they know that tenants can only access additional keys for a property via an official request, rather than simply having them cut. If additional keys are needed then we can usually dispatch them within 24 hours of a request, thanks to the speed of our computerised key cutting facilities.

    If you’re a landlord and you want to streamline, simplify and modernise the key suites you use throughout your properties then please contact us today. You can call us on 01902 737 672 , email us at or by using the contact form on our website.

    Our production team has been together for more than 15 years and we’re ready and waiting to deliver the solution you need.

    Additional Information

    Landlords have a lot to look after when renting out their property. The more properties you oversee, the more complicated this is. Locks, while being relatively small, is an important part of this. That’s why a master key system is recommended; it could simplify your properties security.

    You might ask what master key system locks actually are. Having been used by countless commercial premises and apartment buildings for years, a key master system is a popular option for securing your property.

    What Is a Master Key System and Why Should Landlords Use Them?

    A master key system is a locking system that closes off certain doors and areas for certain people. Typically, master key system locks can be set to provide access to specific areas but not others. That makes them a recommended option for apartment buildings or commercial premises.

    By using a master key system, you can prevent tenants access to restricted areas of your residential and commercial property. For example, within your residential property, you can use differ keys. These differ keys are unique to the specific locks they're designed for, preventing tenants from gaining access to restricted areas like other resident’s rooms. As a landlord, you will have access to the master key which will allow you to gain access to all areas of your resident property.

    Benefits of Using Master Key Systems for Landlords

    A Cost-Effective Security Solution

    If you wanted to prevent access through specific doors within your property, you’d typically need to use a different lock and keys for each door. That isn’t true with a master key system. When using a master key system, you can set certain door locks to only be opened by the master key; preventing unauthorised access to restricted areas of your property. Reduce the number of locks and keys you’ll need to purchase and install. As a result, the master keying system will reduce your overall costs.

    Master Key Systems Allow for Access Control

    As a landlord, you want to ensure that you know exactly who has access to the areas within your property at all times. This is where master key lock systems come in. With a master key system, you have the ability to set which keys open which locks, preventing access to specific areas while allowing people to enter others, for example, if you are a landlord of a HMO property, you can prevent tenants from gaining unauthorised access to other tenants rooms. Making master key systems and effective access control solution.

    Perfect For HMOs

    Houses in multiple occupation (HMOs) can be difficult to keep secure. After all, there’ll be multiple people sharing many of the same areas. They’ll need to keep certain things private. With a key master system, however, you’ll make sure that only those who are allowed into certain areas can access it.

    That can also be the case for those who can access certain storage cupboards and other things, if necessary. Using these master key system locks will ensure that former tenants can no longer access a particular building or area, even if they have an old key. Former tenants can still access areas if they do not return their key/s. If a previous tenant goes off with a key, then the landlord has to change the external door cylinders & potentially also the bedroom door cylinder to ensure security is not compromised. The benefit of having a MK system is for the owner rather than the tenant, it means they can access all the doors in all properties & only have to carry around 1 key with them rather than a bunch of keys.

    If you’re a commercial property owner or landlord, then a master keying system can be recommended. With the various benefits that they offer, there are relatively few reasons not to use a master key system. These are best used with other security systems, such as installing surveillance systems, among other things.

    Master key system locks can be difficult to get past when using Anti drill, snap & bump resistant cylinders are used– keys cannot be copy cut if a restricted profile system is requested, which makes them one of the more recommended security options. With that, you shouldn’t have to worry about security.

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