Adapta Open Profile

Master Key Systems

BSEN 1303 2005 Accredited Report No JGZ0601087-2

Grade 6 Durability (100,000 cycles) Security Grade 3

Open keyway blanks & cut keys available from reputable locksmiths

MKS only recommend using original blanks

Available Finishes for The Adapta Open Profile

  • Satin Nickle Plate (standard)
  • Satin Brass (standard)
  • Polished Brass; Polished Chrome & Bronze. (Special to order)

Cylinder Type

  • Euro Profile
  • Oval Profile
  • Scandinavian Oval
  • Rim (Yale type)
  • Threaded (Adams Rite type)
  • Padlocks
  • Blind Turns
  • Turn/Turn (turn both sides)

Cylinder Variant

  • Single (1/2 Cylinder) 40-60mm Oval (45mm)
  • Double 60-120mm Oval (60-80mm)
  • Thumb Turn 60-120mm Oval (60-80mm)

Options/Functions Available for The Adapta Open Profile

  • Anti-Drill
  • Anti-Barricade (Access via key when occupant holds the thumb turn inside. Key overrides turn)
  • Disabled Access Large Turn (Conforms to DDA requirements)
  • Classroom Function (Can only unlock the door from the inside, Occupant cannot lock themselves in)


  • Master Keying
  • Suiting (All keyed the same i.e operated by same key)
  • Standard Differ (own individual key not operated by any other key)

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