Adapta Prime HS TS007 3 Star

Adapta British Standard Anti-Snap Euro Cylinder Locks

Secure Inner Function - Cylinder still operable from inside after Snap Attack. Suitable for 30 and 60 minute fire doors.

  • 6-7 Main Pins (2 No sleeved for Anti Pick/Bump)
  • 4 Side Pins
  • Double Sided Restricted Profile Dimple Key
  • Registration Card
  • Brass Body Special Nickle Finish
  • Brass Plug Special Nickle Finish
  • Hardened Steel Anti Drill/Anti Pick Pins
  • Snap Safe Break Point
  • Available Differ; Keyed Alike or Master keyed
  • 2 UK Patents & 1 European (pending)

Available in Thumb Turn, Double and Single Cylinders.

The new Adapta-Prime™ cylinders come in a variety of lengths to suit your needs and is compatible with the full range of Adapta J40 cylinders.

Combine with One-Star Cylinders in Your Master Key System

The Adapta Prime HS TS007 3 Star is a high-security door cylinder that operates on the same KEY platform as the TS007 1-Star cylinder. This allows property owners to use 3-star rated cylinders for high-security doors, and 1-star cylinders for others, all operable with a single master key. The 3-star cylinders are tested against various forms of attack, providing optimal protection where needed. Choosing the 3-star for high-risk doors and 1-star for others allows for a maximised security budget without sacrificing overall protection.

Additional Information: Adapta Prime HS TS007 3 Star

BS EN 1303:2015 is the European Standard which establishes assessment and test criteria for a cylinder to quantify its resistance to physical attack, durability and key security.

EN 1303:2015 classifies cylinder for locks using an 8 digit coding system. Features assessed include durability, fire resistance, key related security and attack resistance. The resulting 8 digit code can be used to directly compare the performance of one cylinder range against another.

Master Key Systems MKS Ltd have added to their already successful architectural range of Adapta door cylinders their flagship Adapta Prime HS TS007 3* rated and accredited kite mark cylinder. A fully protected system with restricted profile keys and covered by 2 UK patents & 1 EU patent (pending) it probably offers the best physical and operational benefits of todays kite marked door cylinders. Manufactured to a long-established design with all the current security requirements added. Adapta Prime HS is a 10/11 pin reversible flat dimple key system. An additional side pinning which is determined by the ‘snake’ in the key profile ensures that the profile remains restricted to MKS and thus protects are customers and end users.

Euro cylinders will be available either differ keyed for of the shelf use, keyed alike (suited) or master keyed. A full range of sizes from 46.5mm up to 100mm, offering Single; Double or Thumb Turn cylinders.

MKS have in excess of 25 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of door cylinder master key systems and the development of high security reliable Euro Profile door cylinder locks.

Adapta Prime HS as standard offers Anti Snap; Anti Pick; Anti Bump; Anti Drill Anti Plug Twist and Anti Twist. Each cylinder is complete with keys with plastic keyheads for comfort and ease of operation.

Conforming and tested to BSEN 1303 2015 it meets the latest standards. Classified using an industry 8-digit coding system which helps identify its features for peace of mind and comparison with other euro cylinders. Adapta Prime HS features that have been assessed include, Fire Resistance, Key related Security and attack resistance.

Master Key Systems are specialists in the design and manufacture of door cylinder master key systems destined for multiple applications including Schools Academies & care homes. TS007 1- and 3-star cylinders will become an integral part of future Master Key Planning for these locations. MKS will in the near future be able to offer 1 star and 3-star door cylinders operating on the same Master Key whilst retaining their own individual key. This will ensure that specifiers will be able to mix and match based on predicted security requirements on a door by door basis.

Euro Size (mm) Variants (Complete Length)
Single 46 36.5/10
Single 50 40/10
Single 50 45/10
Double 73 36.5/36.5
Double 81 40/40; 35/45
Double 85 40/45
Double 90 45/45; 35/55; 40/50
Double 95 40/55;45/50
Double 100 50/50; 40/60; 45/55
T/Turn 73 36.5/36.5
T/Turn 82 36.5/45
T/Turn 90 45/45; 35/55; 40/50
T/Turn 100 50/50; 40/50; 45/55

Other cylinder types also available. Please contact us for more information *Not covered by Kite Mark.

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