Adapta Prime™

Combine TS007 1 and 3 star cylinders for extra security while staying cost-effective

The Adapta Prime range are top-of-the-line door cylinders that prioritize security, aiming to thwart unauthorized access and burglaries. Both the Adapta Prime TS007 1* and Adapta Prime HS TS007 3* cylinders are equipped with anti-drill, snap-safe, and bump-resistant technology on their external sides, delivering strong protection for external doors. Restricted keys guarantee exclusive control over key distribution, restricting orders to authorized individuals directly from MKS. These cylinders are specifically designed to deter intruders and are compatible with various door types.

Adapta Prime 1 and 3 star cylinders

Adapta Prime TS007 1 Star

Adapta Prime HS TS007 3 Star