Anti Snap Locks & Bump Resistant Locks

Your Guide to Anti Snap Locks, Anti Bump Locks and Lock Snapping

What is Lock Snapping?

Lock snapping is a burglary technique that involves breaking into a property by snapping the door's euro cylinder lock in half. Euro cylinder locks are commonly used on uPVC, Timber and Composite doors making it a common mode of burglary throughout the UK for both domestic and commercial properties.

Lock snapping is done by breaking away the outer casing or escutcheon of the lock to expose the door cylinder. Using a simple gripping tool, burglars can then break the cylinder and expose the locking mechanism. At this point, a tool such as a screwdriver or chisel can be used to gain access.

As the name suggests, lock breaking is a very quick and easy way to break into a property. Lock snapping can be done with absolutely no skill and can be done in just a few seconds. Fortunately, modern door hardware innovations can prevent lock snapping attacks.

Anti Snap Lock would help to Prevent Burglary and Theft
Euro Profile TS007 Master Key Systems

How to Prevent Lock Snapping

To prevent lock snapping, homeowners and businesses can utilise anti-snap locks as a reliable and effective measure against potential attacks. These snap resistant door locks are designed to withstand and deter lock snapping attempts, providing an added layer of security for properties. By incorporating anti-snap locks into their security systems, individuals can significantly reduce the risk of unauthorised entry through this method of attack, enhancing the overall security of their premises.

What are Anti-Snap Locks?

An anti-snap lock maintains the same profile as a euro-cylinder lock, however has a number of extra defensive measures to prevent illegal access through lock snapping.

The purpose of an anti-snap lock is to deter burglars and make it extremely difficult for them to expose the cylinders locking mechanism. By using anti-snap locks, home and business owners can significantly enhance the security of their homes and better protect their valuables from break-ins.

How do Anti Snap Locks Work?

Anti-snap locks are specifically designed to thwart lock snapping attempts. Below, we will explore some of the unique mechanisms that make anti snap locks effective at preventing break-ins.

Snap Channel & Break-away Section

The most crucial feature anti-snap locks share is a line carved along the first quarter of the cylinder known as a snap channel. This channel encourages a lock to snap at this point, rather than the midpoint, if it were to be snapped illegally. By breaking at these predetermined weak points, the lock effectively renders the remaining sections useless, preventing any further manipulation of the locking system. This innovative design ensures that even if an intruder manages to snap the lock, they would still be unable to gain unauthorised access.

Anti-pick Pins and Drivers

Anti-pick pins are specialised pins that are inserted into the lock cylinder. These pins are designed to have irregular shapes or specific grooves, making it challenging for lock-picking tools to manipulate them. The purpose of anti-pick pins is to disrupt the picking process by requiring precise positioning and movement of the pins within the cylinder. This added complexity makes it significantly more difficult for intruders to pick the lock successfully.

Anti-drill Pins

Anti-snap locks often have anti-drill pins, which are hardened steel pins placed within the cylinder. These pins make it difficult for burglars to drill into the lock and compromise its security. In addition to their role in preventing drilling attacks, anti-drill pins offer an added layer of resistance against other forms of forced entry. By incorporating anti-drill pins, the lock also becomes more resistant to picking attempts, as the hardened steel pins are designed to withstand the pressure exerted by lock-picking tools. This not only enhances the overall security of the lock but also increases the time and effort required for an intruder to bypass it.

Sacrificial snap channel on cylinder

By incorporating these features, anti-snap locks provide an additional layer of security against lock snapping attacks, making it much more difficult for burglars to break into a property using this method.

To ensure reliable service from your anti-snap locks security product we would recommend that you service the item at a frequency detailed in our maintenance leaflet. Always keep a spare key somewhere safe, as a locksmith callout on a cylinder that is hard to break into can be expensive.

Importance of Anti-Snap Locks

Burglary through lock snapping accounts for a quarter of burglaries in the UK alone, therefore anti-snap locks are an important preventative measure that can be easily taken.

Anti-snap locks moreover are not visibly different once installed, compared to a normal euro cylinder, and so will not indicate beforehand to a burglar that alternative methods will need to be taken in order to enter the property; their attempt will be unsuccessful.

The Best Anti Snap Locks

The highest standard of anti-snap lock is the TS007 3 star euro cylinder. We strongly recommend using this standard of lock to secure your home or business.

A TS007 3 Star anti-snap lock is foremost a safe door lock, and will better protect your building and guarantee your peace of mind as an extension of this. Plus, because the anti-snap lock maintains the integrity of the locking system, you can be assured your property remains as secure as possible even when a burglary attempt is made.

Additionally, its important to note that some insurances may prefer or require anti-snap locks.

Identifying an Anti-Snap lock: How do I know if have one?

As previously mentioned, anti-snap locks are not identifiable once installed – so how can you tell if you have an anti-snap lock?

Anti-snap locks will feature a line that wraps around the circumference of the cylinder within the first quarter of its length; this encourages the lock to snap at this point, rather than at the midpoint, where the locks can be located.

Improve your door security with high-security locks

Kite Marked TS007 euro cylinders are designed to be drill resistant even to diamond-tipped drills. The cylinders, (sometimes referred to as barrels) are tested to very demanding standards before achieving the kitemark status. The British Standards Institute have to ensure that they are attack resistant to drilling, bumping snapping and picking.

In addition, the cylinder barrel is endurance tested to be able to function after a minimum of 100,000 open and close cycles. It is tested under extremes of temperature both hot and cold.

Master Key Systems provides a range of high-security locks which are TS007 3* approved for the protection of your home or property; this includes our Adapta Prime series, anti-snap locks, and bump-resistant locks. Master Key Systems manufacture our locks with the safety of you, and your property, in mind; this starts with ensuring our locks are fit for purpose.

What is Lock Bumping?

Bump resistant (anti-bump) means that the lock will resist a process known as "bumping". Lock bumping is a method used to obtain the pin tumbler combination of cylinder locks, by using a specially cut key. These keys are available to buy, which has led to lock bumping used as an illegal way of accessing properties, rather than an age-old technique used by locksmiths.

How to Prevent Lock Bumping with Bump Resistant Locks

Bumping locks is a common burglary technique, however, it can be prevented by anti-bump locks or lock guards. Additional security, such as CCTV, neighbourhood watch programmes, or even guard dogs, can be used to scare burglars from attempting a break-in.

Bump resistant (anti-bump) means that the lock will resist a process known as "bumping". This requires a dedicated bump key to suit the door cylinder profile. This key is specially designed by unscrupulous individuals to aid illegal access.

It is not widely used by reputable locksmiths. The key is moved in and out of the lock rapidly to try and line the pins up so the key can be turned. This is not a very common means of access as the process can be quite noisy.

Anti Snap Locks Master Key Systems

Long-Established Manufacturer

Master Key Systems are a long-established manufacturer of quality door cylinder Master Keyed locks. We design and manufacture the Anti-Bump and Anti Snap security locks around both TS007 1* and TS007 3* kite marked cylinders. The Master Key lock system is created to allow for all the door cylinders required to be Euro cylinders of any size. (Every lock is built to be opened by the Master Key if required).

Master key systems recommend this grade of door cylinder where security is the main requirement. The door cylinder has been accredited by the British standards association to offer the highest standard of safety and security available at the moment.

For further information on other grades of product please refer to the individual product pages on this website or use the contact form below or call our team on 01902 737 672. We will be happy to guide you to the best solution.

MKS would always recommend you check with your insurer regarding the use of an approved security lock as they are as keen as you are to keep burglars out of your property(s).

Here it is good enough to make the potential thief aware that locks are being used and to take action to make it harder for them to force the door/lock. Good padlocks being one way to secure such buildings. This may well stop all but the most determined burglar.

Euro Cylinder Locks

Euro Cylinder Locks are available in a variety of sizes to suit all door thicknesses with the option of a cylinder with a thumb turn lock. In addition, single or half-cylinders are available where only a visible key on the outside is required. The new standard for these security euro locks is currently Kite Marked, which protects the end-user. Cylinder Barrel Locks are available without a master key where door cylinders are not required to be opened by more than one key.

Suited or keyed alike is an option whereby more than 1 cylinder lock can be opened by the same key but there is no overall master key.

There are other features available such as anti-drill and anti-pick. TS007 approved euro cylinders are high-security door cylinders, designed to meet current insurance requirements for domestic and commercial applications where security is paramount.

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