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Understanding the TS007 Lock Standard

Your guide on what you need to know about TS007.

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Knowing your home or property is secure is a huge priority for many homeowners – and looking out for the recognisable BSI Kitemark on your door is one way you can ensure lock security.

The BSI Kitemark is frequently accompanied by one or three stars; this lesser-known symbol is the mark of the TS007 Lock Standard, which signifies a level of security often overlooked.

Overview Of The TS007 Lock Standard

The Technical Specification was initiated in 2015 as a response to methods of lock breaking being increasingly shared online. Developed by the DHF (Door and Hardware Federation) and the Glass & Glazing Federation, the TS007 standard was released to differentiate locks which provided a level of security against the new breaking methods, which included lock snapping.

The TS007 gained the support of the BSI Kitemark, which is why the two marks are commonly seen together.

Not only does the TS007 lock standard provide peace of mind for homeowners for home security, but it may also be recognised by insurance companies as evidence of the security of PVC and composite front doors.

Levels Of Security and Star Ratings

The TS007 lock standard is unique in the fact that it offers various lock levels of security. The TS007 standard is indicated on cylinders by the appearance of either one or three stars – these lock ratings demonstrate the level of security the lock provides.

In order to pass the TS007 lock standard, the lock system must provide a three-star standard, which can be achieved in two different ways thanks to the flexible system utilised by the standard.

A three-star combination can be achieved across the locking system, by pairing a one-star cylinder with a two-star door hardware – thus making up the required three stars of protection.

Or, you can use a three-star cylinder, which does not require any additional TS007 marked hardware since it can provide a suitable level of protection by itself.

1 Star Rating

For the cylinder lock to achieve a one-star TS007 mark, it must meet the standards of BS 3621, which is centred around resistance to attack methods. It must also meet the minimum requirements of BS EN 1303: 2005, which classifies cylinders for locks based on use, durability, fire resistance, corrosion resistance, temperature resistance, as well as security for the design, and attack resistance.

A one-star rating alone cannot pass the TS007 lock standard, since whilst it is resistant to drilling, picking and bumping methods of attack, it is not resistant to snapping. It therefore must be used in conjunction with two-star-rated door hardware.

Master Key Systems’ Adapta Prime TS007 1* cylinders meet the one-star rating.

2 Star Rating

The two-star rating is not applicable for cylinders but instead classifies hardware such as door handles. Hardware must be tested in a way which equals the PAS24 cylinder test, testing the security performance of the full door set when under attack.

Two-star hardware will have enhanced security, such as enlarged backplates and robust fixings.

You must use two-star hardware alongside a one-star rated cylinder lock in order for it to meet TS007 requirements. You can also use two-star hardware in conjunction with a three-star cylinder, although this does not increase security above the three stars.

3 Star Rating

A three-star lock offers the highest lock security as a stand-alone product, meeting the requirements of the TS007 standard without any additional methods of security.

To be granted three stars, cylinders must meet the requirements of the previously mentioned testing procedures, namely BS 3621, BS EN 1303: 2005, and PAS24. By passing these requirements, the cylinder offers protection against methods of attack, including lock snapping.

Master Key Systems’ Adapta Prime HS TS007 3* cylinders meet the three-star rating.

Looking for both 1 star and 3 star cylinders?

You can utilise both one-star cylinders and three-star cylinders throughout a property if they operate on the same platform, suitable for multioccupancy properties:

Our Adapta Prime HS TS007 1* & 3* operate on the same platform (KEY). What this means is you can choose to have 3* for the most vulnerable doors and 1* elsewhere in the property. All cylinders will be operable by the same master key.

Is There a Higher Level Of Security Than 3 Star Cylinder Locks?

Whilst the 3-star standard is the highest level of the TS007 lock standard, you can use a 3-star Sold Secure Diamond Standard, which provides the 3-star TS007 rating alongside the highest standard of testing by the Master Locksmiths Association (Sold Secure Diamond).

Testing Proceedures For TS007

The TS007 standard uses several lock testing procedures to ensure the locks can withstand methods of attack, such as lock bumping, picking, drilling and snapping, as well as environmental and usability requirements such as fire resistance, key security, and durability of the design.

BS 3621

The British Standard 3621 sets standards for lock security under attack, such as drilling and picking, as well as product design and functionality standards, such as bolt length. The BS 3621 applies to mortice deadlocks and sash locks, euro deadlocks and sash locks, and cylinder locks – locks which are all operable from either end, ensuring security from both sides of the door.

BS EN 1303: 2005

The BS EN 1303: 2005 classifies lock cylinders based on eight categories, including use, durability, door mass, fire resistance, safety, corrosion and temperature resistance, key-related security, and attack resistance.


The Publicly Available Specification is overseen by the British Standards Institution (BSI) and provides testing standards for the security performance of windows and doors when under attack. Within this, the performance of the door set, including door hardware, is thoroughly tested.

The Importance Of Proper Installation

Finding a lock which is able to provide you with the level of security you need is only half of the battle. Without the proper installation, your door security will be rendered ineffective and your property will be left vulnerable to unwarranted entry.

The Importance of Hiring a Qualified Locksmith

A qualified locksmith will not only understand how to correctly install your lock system, but will ensure you’re meeting the required three-star TS007 standards; because of the flexibility of how you can accumulate three stars security.

Expert Advice: It’s important to use a locksmith who has experience in this area and is reputable with the work they do.

The Potential Consequences of Improper Installation

Locks not installed properly in the door may not perform to the level expected and can leave your home vulnerable to break-ins. The lock is also at risk of prematurely deteriorating if it is left exposed or pressure is placed on the lock or locking system, which can damage the lock and affect its usability.

The Role of the Door and Frame Compatibility

Both the door and door frame can affect the functionality of the lock. It's essential that the lock used is compatible with the material of the door and the type of door (external, front door). For instance, cylinder and mortice locks are both compatible with front doors. The frame must also offer security so that the lock stays secure when under attack.

The Need for Regular Maintenance

No matter the quality of the lock, it will require maintenance to keep it in optimal condition and ensure it has a long lifespan.

Maintenance includes cleaning and lubricating the lock, checking its positioning, tightening hinges, aligning strike plates, and more; this will help protect the lock against premature corrosion, deterioration, and general wear and tear caused by use, moisture, changing temperatures, and so on.

Ready To Discuss Euro Cylinder Locks?

To help you choose the right lock for your door, consider your home security requirements and the safety and assurance of occupants. However, you must also consider the budget you have to do this and how many doors around the property may require higher security locks such as those with TS007 lock ratings.

Working alongside a locksmith can help you determine the right locking systems and lock levels of security for your property.

Master Key Systems’ Adapta Prime range meets TS007 lock standards and can be manufactured to the requirements of your unique locking system.

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