Adapta Prime TS007 1 Star

The new Adapta Prime conforms to TS007 1 Star (Patent Pending)

The 1 star Cylinder with 3 star features!

The TS007 1 Star security standard is an industry response to the growing concerns that properties are under increasing threat from burglars who are learning methods such as snapping, bumping and drilling online to break into homes.

Security Features:

  • Break/Snap Safe
  • Drill Resistant
  • Bump Resistant
  • Patent (Pending)
  • Restricted Profile

Combine with Three-Star Cylinders in Your Master Key System

The Adapta Prime TS007 1 Star offers a versatile security solution for property owners. This security cylinder can be used in conjunction with the 3-star rated cylinders in the same KEY platform, enabling all cylinders to be operated with a single master key. Combining the Adapta Prime TS007 1 Star with 3 Star allows for a more cost-effective master key system without compromising security.

Adapta Prime Thumb Turn Euro Profile Master Key Systems

Available in Thumb Turn, Double and Single Cylinders.

The new Adapta-Prime™ cylinders come in a variety of lengths to suit your needs and is compatible with the full range of Adapta J40 cylinders.

Size (mm)   Variants (Complete Length) Euro 
45 35/10  Yes 
50  40/10 Yes 
55 45/10  Yes 
60  50/10  Yes 
70 35/35   Yes 
80 40/40; 35/45   Yes 
85  40/45  Yes 
90  45/45; 40/50; 35/55 Yes 
95  45/50; 4055 Yes 
100  50/50; 45/55; 40/60; 35/65 Yes 
105  35/70 Yes 
115  35/80 Yes 
120  60/60 Yes 

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