4 Reasons Why Your HMO Property Needs A MKS

Master Key Systems | 5th July 2021

When it comes to Master Key Systems, they can be beneficial for many reasons, mainly to provide peace of mind for both landlords and occupants. Here are four reasons why every House with Multiple Occupants (HMO) need a Master Key System.

1. Greater Convenience For Your HMO Property

A master key system allows for convenience. If you have multiple properties, for example, you’re likely to have an assortment of keys, which can often cause confusion if they’re not organised properly. A master key system can be installed across multiple properties or doors so that only one key is needed to gain access to the whole lot.

As a landlord or property manager dealing in large numbers of properties, something as simple as having a master key would save a considerable amount of time spent outside properties finding the right key. With fewer keys to look after, there is less scope for keys going missing.

Why Your HMO Property Needs A MKS

2. Provides Excellent Security

Security is essential for any property and the occupants residing there. Having a reliable key system in place will help keep the property secure whilst also benefitting property management operations.

British Standards like TS007 are aimed at protecting cylinder locks against the standard methods used when it comes to forced entry, such as snapping, bumping and drilling. Locks which feature the TS007 standard are available to use with master key systems, either in One-star or Three-star ratings. A lock which is resistant to the previously mentioned methods for breaking entry will certainly help occupants rest easy - especially in areas with high crime rates.

Master key systems offer landlords and property managers the ability to restrict entrance to certain areas depending on the key that’s cut, ultimately offering different clearance to various key holders.

Keys will be cut to offer levels of access around buildings and the rooms contained within them. This is particularly useful for businesses such as office buildings, schools and hotels. Master Key Systems offer a customisable form of security without the need for expensive technology.

3. Useful in Emergencies

Master key systems can be incredibly valuable during emergencies, especially in an HMO property environment. Whether you need access to someone who has locked their room from the inside, or in the event of a hazard or water leak inside a property.

Having a single key that grants you access to the various parts of a building will save crucial time. The same also goes for business premises. Emergencies can occur out of the blue, so easy access is crucial.

4. Helpful to Manage Tenants or Employees

No matter what type of property you manage, having a master key system in place will help keep things organised. From cleaners to security, to tenants, a master key system has a useful application in most settings.

With a master key system, it is possible to offer sub-master keys, which can be given to people in a team on varying levels of seniority, so that they can access their appropriate areas.

Locking Up

Any HMO property can benefit from a master key system being in place, so if you’re a landlord or owner of a property with multiple occupants, then a master key system will have its advantages. Being in charge of tenants can be a difficult task at times, and so having systems in place to save you time will in the long run also save you money.

If you’re interested in fitting your property with a master key system or hearing more of the advantages a master key system can bring to your business; feel free to get in touch with one of our friendly advisors today. Either by calling 01902 737 672 or emailing sales@masterkeysystems.co.uk.

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