Master Key Systems; The Ideal Access Control System for HMO Properties

Master Key Systems | 12th July 2021

When it comes to being a landlord, they typically have multiple keys to keep a track of, especially when it comes to landlords of HMO properties.

For example, they could have four properties each containing four bedrooms that need four different keys, meaning they would need to manage and maintain sixteen keys for all the rooms not including the front and back doors.

Another issue faced by landlords is that their tenants can get new keys cut without the landlord knowing, making it impossible for the landlord to know how many keys are in circulation and what doors they're for.

This poses great security concerns for landlords, meaning they have to spend even more money putting new locks in after a tenant leaves to prevent any unauthorised access in the future.

These types of issues can be stressful for landlords to sort out. Thankfully, there is a solution; a master key system. Within this guide, we'll explain why master key systems are the ideal access control system for HMO properties and the landlords that manage them.

Master Key Systems Locking Euro Cylinders

What is a Master Key System?

The master key system for landlords is a type of access system that is mechanical and only needs a single key, known as a master key, which will open all the locks within a residential or business property. There are then differ keys, which are unique to the locks they are designed for, meaning that, unlike the master key, the differ keys can only be used to open one specific door within the property.

Having a master key system in place will help to make managing properties with a range of different locks simpler and easier. Instead of having to keep track of multiple keys, you can create a master key system that can be used to open all locks within the property. This reduces the need to retain various keys, in addition to reducing the need to keep various keys safe and securely stored.

Master Key Systems; The Ideal Access Control System for HMO Properties

Why The Master Key Is A Great Access Control System for Landlords

The reason the master key system will help landlords is that they would only require one key to access all the doors in the property whereas the tenants will need a key for their room and the front door.

These keys are known as differ keys and allow access to only specified locks, instead of all of the locks like the master key has. This then means that the landlord has only one key per-property instead of the many they would have had before.

Another great reason to invest in a master key lock system is that the only way to get a key cut for the cylinders that have been fitted is by contacting Master Key Systems.

This helps prevent either the tenant or any other authorised and unauthorised personnel from getting a new key cut without your prior knowledge, helping to keep your properties secure. A master key system can make property management far simpler and easier.

How Do You Know What You Need as A Landlord?

At Master Key Systems, we're on hand to ensure that your property has the correct master key locking system in place. You may know what you want already and we will happily work with you to sort out the systems you want. If you are unsure of what you need or are undecided then we’ll happily take on board what you think may be best for you and your HMO properties.

We’ll also guide you on what is available and what would be best suited for your situation. We can talk you through the different options and explain how HMO compliant door locks work, as well as how differ locks can be used to make property management simpler.

The Euro Cylinder Lock

The euro lock master key system negates the need for holding multiple keys and reduces the risk of security breaches within properties. For instance, HMO compliant locks are useful for homes with multiple occupants as they make security management simpler and easier to manage. Instead of worrying about multiple keys, there’s just one master key for the landlord to hold and keep secure.

Multi-Occupancy Homes

For landlords with multiple occupancy homes, having HMO compliant door locks installed can make life easier. Not only does this help with property management, but it also helps to reduce security threats. Investing in a master key system and differ locks for each individual door might come with additional costs but it’s a worthwhile investment as it makes the process of property management easier and reduces stress.

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