Why Master Key Systems Are Perfect for HMO Properties

HMOs - or houses in multiple occupations - typically have challenging security arrangements. For this reason, landlords and tenants require specialist solutions.

In this post, we introduce the master key system and identify why it is suitable for HMO property owners looking to improve their security arrangements.

What Is a Master Key System?

Master key systems operate by issuing various keys to building users based on their access needs. Typical setups have two “tiers” of keys: one permitting personnel to access their individual areas and another giving the owner of the building full access. This way, owners can limit the number of keys that need to be cut and provide building users only with the level of access that they require.

How many tiers a master key system has depends on your requirements. For instance, having a master key system gives you access to multiple units within a building without having to keep spares of all the keys. It also allows you to give authorised people access to spaces while denying others - again, without the need to cut multiple keys.

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Master Key Systems for HMO Properties

Master key systems are commonplace in business. However, they also offer HMO landlords and property management companies unique benefits.

Why Use a Master Key System for HMOs?

Perhaps the biggest reason landlords and management companies use master key systems for HMOs is the convenience. In most setups, you only require one key to gain access to every property in your portfolio, so long as they have suitable HMO compliant locks installed.

Master key systems are also essential for keeping security high while facilitating property management operations. They allow landlords to strike a better balance between the need to access a property for routine purposes, and the need to ensure that it remains secure.

Benefits of Using Master Key Systems for HMOs

For HMO properties, the benefits of a master key system are clear.
For instance, if you are a landlord who rents out multiple properties, you can use a master key system across a range of properties. This way, you can avoid having to carry around a large selection of keys (which could get a little confusing) or spend time outside of properties trying to find the right key. It makes accessing your properties a breeze.

Master key systems are also incredibly useful in emergencies. For instance, they make it easy for you to unlock tenants’ rooms or gain access to the property to prevent a hazard, saving valuable time.

You can also use master key systems to keep properties safe and secure by issuing various property maintenance workers submaster keys as part of a sub master key system. These keys provide them with limited access to the property - enough to allow them to do their jobs.
Lastly, master keys allow you to assign different access levels to tenants. For instance, you may want tenants to have access to their individual rooms or units, but you may not want to grant them access to utility spaces or outbuildings.

Choosing a master key system, therefore, improves security and makes your life easier as a landlord or property manager. It is always a good investment.

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