3 Advantages of Using a Cylinder Lock System for Your HMO Property

Master Key Systems | 26th July 2021

Cylinder Lock Systems

Around three-fifths of all house break-ins occur via the front door. In some areas, it can reach as high as 90 per cent. For landlords looking to ensure tenant security, statistics such as these are concerning. However, you can mitigate the risk with a cylinder lock.

What Is a Cylinder Lock System?

Cylinder locks are special varieties of locks that use a cylinder mechanism operable with a key. When users turn the key in the lock, the pins inside the cylinder fall into alignment, allowing the door to open. Sometimes called “euro cylinder locks,” these mechanisms are popular among door manufacturers because of their versatility and improved security over bit locks. Many models allow you to change the characteristics of the lock without going to the expense of swapping out the expensive outer casing hardware.

The Benefits of Using Cylinder Locks

Let’s take a look at some of the established benefits of using cylinder locks that apply to HMO properties.

Harder To Open When Compared to Traditional Double Bit Lock

Learning to break a traditional double bit lock is relatively simple for most criminals. Simple picks are often effective. However, breaching a cylinder lock is more challenging. That’s because cylinder locks’ keyholes are significantly narrower, making it harder for criminals to insert tools into the lock’s interior.

Cylinder locks are not impervious to key bumping or lock picking. However, many manufacturers now include mechanical solutions to thwart these methods. So, while picking a cylinder lock is not impossible, it’s far harder than picking a traditional double bit lock.

Great Resistance to Brute Force Attacks

Euro lock cylinders are also robust against brute force attacks in which criminals try to barge open the door or use prying instruments. Over the years, manufacturers have introduced mechanically secure systems fitted with a variety of reinforcements that make a breach less likely. Many models, for instance, come equipped with anti-drill plugs and pull-resistant reinforcements.

You can also find cylinder-based HMO compliant door locks that feature escutcheons. These offer a shield or protective plate around the keyhole to prevent criminals from either damaging the lock or making successful use of brute force against it.

Allows Key Systems to Be Set Up

Perhaps the single most significant benefit of using cylinder lock systems for HMOs is their compatibility with key systems. For instance, cylinder locks are suitable in HMOs where each individual keyholder needs both room and shared building access. It’s also compatible with master key systems where different locks are each opened by a single key and all locks can be opened by a single master key (usually owned by the landlord).

In conclusion, cylinder lock systems offer considerable advantages for landlords. In fact, in this post, we have only begun to scratch the surface of the benefits they offer. Additional perks include the ability to quickly rekey locks, added security in the rekeying process, the ability to set up double locks, and the fact that locks are compact, allowing you to install them in virtually any location.

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