Securing Your Home: You Never Know Who Is Watching

With the long and dark winter nights drawing in, some homeowners may start considering increasing their home security. Your home may be more susceptible to break-ins during the shorter days and longer evenings, with burglars better able to monitor if a home is occupied or not before they break in.

It is important during these times to demonstrate that someone is home. Leaving a light on and not announcing publicly that you’re away from home may be enough to put a potential burglar off, however, you should always be prepared with further security ideas for your home.

New technologies, such as CCTV and alarm systems, alongside tried-and-tested locks for front doors, windows, and outbuildings are great deterrents for burglars.

Improve Home Security: Influence from TV & Film

The topic of security at home has become more prevalent with the launch of the hit Netflix series, The Watcher, in November 2022.

Based on a true story, The Watcher follows a family’s move into their dream home in New Jersey, only to find the house is stalked by an anonymous person known as The Watcher. As a trending show on Netflix, it is no wonder people are reconsidering their home security following the portrayal of The Watcher house.

Of course, the trope of home security has always been present in TV and film. Favourites such as 101 Dalmatians and Home Alone demonstrate the fallout of poor home security. From stolen puppies to Christmas Eve hijinks, film presents the vulnerabilities of unprepared and unsecured homes.

Securing Your Home - You never know who is watching

Securing The Internal Building

If you’re wondering “how can I secure my home?” There are several ways to do so. 

You can secure your home from the inside with devices such as alarm systems and light timers. Light timers are designed to switch your lights on and off at set times, which can give the illusion of occupation for any burglars scoping out your home whilst you’re away.

Securing the Perimeter Of Your Home

Perimeter security includes technology such as CCTV and Ring-style doorbells. Video doorbells are a form of wireless home security, which records motion activity around your door and allows you to interact with the doorbell through your mobile, tablet or PC, putting a stop to any suspicious activity. Video doorbells also record the activity for evidence if required.

Video doorbells and CCTV are noticeable deterrents, which can be seen from the street. This will help put off potential burglars.

Securing Your Door Locks

One of the simplest yet most effective measures you can take to protect your home is to secure the doors and windows of your home and any outbuildings with a reliable locking system.

Master Key Systems provides commercial and residential locking systems which increase door security.

Our Adapta Prime HS series is an advanced door cylinder which has been awarded the highest certifications, including a 3-star TS007 certification for endurance under attack, and Sold Secure Diamond Standard for resistance to attack.

This includes snap-safe, anti-pick and drill resistance of locks – all methods commonly used by burglars.

Need help with securing your home or have any questions?

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    Need help with securing your home or have any questions?

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