Correctly Measuring UPVC Door Handles for Replacements

There may be a number of reasons why you need to replace your door handle, whether that’s for a UPVC or a composite door. Maybe you’re updating the design and style; your handle has aged and become damaged from excessive use; or perhaps you’ve experienced unwarranted entry into your property, rendering it unusable.

Repairing your handle is not a cost-effective solution; instead, it is far easier, quicker, and cheaper to replace it. For both internal and external door handles, here’s how you can measure it…

Identify Your UPVC Door Handle

Measuring UPVC Door handles and Composite Doors

When measuring door handles, the first step is to identify the type of handle you require.

UPVC and composite doors utilise the same handles and locking mechanisms; most handles will feature either: 

  • Lever/ lever – this handle features a lever on either side to operate the door. This is most common for a front door handle.
  • Lever/ pad – a pad representative of a traditional knob features on one side of the door, and a lever on the other. 

Now, identify the fixing screw position. This is the top screw, and it can be located above or below the handle lever. If the top screw is below the handle, the following steps may not be necessary, since the dimensions will be similar.

However, if your top screw is above the handle lever, your handle may vary in size, which makes measuring the dimensions of your UPVC or composite door handle a crucial step.

Dimensions Required For Sizing Your New door handle

On handles where the top screw is above the lever, you will need to measure 4 door handle dimensions, with an optional 5th and 6th measurement to be taken. By obtaining these dimensions, replacing composite or UPVC door handles will be much quicker and easier. 

It is recommended you take measurements in millimetres (mm), with a calibrated tape measure for the most accurate results.

How To Correctly Measure Your Door Hardware

PZ Measurement

The first measurement to take is the centre, often referred to as the PZ measurement. To measure door handle PZ, measure from the centre of the spindle hole (where the handle lever would be attached), to the centre of the keyhole.

Screw to Screw Measurement

The next step is to measure from screw to screw. This is the distance between the centre of the top fixing screw, to the centre of the bottom fixing screw.

Backplate Measurement

Measure the length of the backplate. By measuring along the entirety of the backplate, you’re able to perfectly match up your new handle with the existing marks on your door. Whilst this is not necessary, it enables you to achieve a better match.

Keyhole to Top Fixing Screw

Measure from keyhole to top fixing screw. Take note of the distance between the centre of the top fixing screw and the centre of the keyhole.

Additional Door Handle Measurements

Finally, you can also obtain these additional door handle measurements, which aren’t necessary but can inform the design of your handle. Taking the width of the backplate and the spindle thickness can help you find a replacement handle which fits within the same dimensions as the old one, leaving no markings or additional DIY tasks for you to complete.

MKS Can Help You Find The Right Door Handle Replacement

Master Key Systems is an established door cylinder specialist, and can assist you with finding the correct size and design for door handle replacement, once you’ve obtained your measurements.

We are able to supply a full hardware replacement, including the door cylinders, and work closely with professional locksmiths to provide a complete solution for both UPVC and composite doors.

Ready To Discuss Your New Door Handle Replacement?

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    Ready To Discuss Your New Door Handle Replacement?

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