People requiring the services of locksmiths are often involved in an emergency situation involving either being locked out of their home or needing to replace the locks following an incident such as a break-in.

We’ve been manufacturing and delivering door cylinder locks and master key systems for more than 25 years.

In that time we’ve built unrivalled expertise and experience in the field, combining old-fashioned customer service and high-quality results with a commitment to utilising the latest technology in the field.

Our team is fully accredited and the solutions we provide run all the way from entry-level up to Adapta cylinders which are high-security Kite Marked TS007 3.

We know that the locksmiths who come to us are experts in the field and expect the same from us. Our in-depth knowledge of the market means that we can deliver across the spectrum, from quick response, one-off distress purchases aimed at members of the public to larger solutions for commercial properties, small businesses and landlords.

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Why is a key management system beneficial to Locksmiths?

A Key Management System is the key to your client’s security. While many commercial buildings are using electronic key passes, electronics have been known to fail.

A key management system relies on traditional keys and ensures access to the right people in the right places. When we think about systems, we think about a logical set of steps to take, and in many respects, key management is precisely that.

The benefits to commercial premises, education facilities or HMOs are clear. The key management system means that the correct key can be located with ease.

When implementing a key management system for your customers, as a locksmith, you must make sure that they understand the concept. Since master key systems are so simple - it makes the job easy. This can be even more important for time pressure emergency locksmith jobs.

What makes the key management system even more beneficial to all is that it allows easy maintenance of hardware and changing or additional locks.

Another benefit to a key management system is that only a few elements make the system work.

  • A logical keying design, mapping the desired level of security for each area.
  • A simple permissions policy that is related to who holds the master keys.
  • Key tracking to have accurate records of keyholders.
  • Correct storage of backups and duplicates (where allowed).

The Importance of a Master Key System

When looking for the most important and beneficial key system, the Master Key System is the first choice. A Master Key System is a strategic key plan that can be used for residential or commercial properties and is one of the most cost-effective ways to save on key replacement. 

The Master Key System can be designed to the needs of the locksmith and their clients and can offer simplicity too.

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How can Locksmiths take advantage of a Master Key System?

Your clients expect the best from your services, and a master keying system can help you achieve that. The benefits for the customers are plentiful. Your locksmith service will offer the following to your clients: 

  • Security of the keys
  • More control over who can have a copy of the keys
  • An MKS offers high-security protection

When you consider using a master key system, you need to know that it makes a difference in security. Master keys are on what is referred to as a restricted keyway. A regular key cutter is not able to make copies of the key set.  

Instead, a master key requires the owner to show authorisation, perhaps in the form of a certificate to the key cutter, or order more keys directly from the locksmith who fitted that master key system. 

Using a Master Key System not only saves you time when installing a new system, but you are also giving your client the most secure option on the market. 

Locksmiths and Master Key Systems

In Depth Delivery

The key to the Master Key Systems offer is that we work in an in-depth manner. We can liaise on designing a wider master key suite and will put together solutions that meet the short term, more urgent requirements as well as being built to adapt and deliver over the longer term, for both the locksmith and the end-user.

We can also supply bespoke Kite Marked key identity cards which enable individual locksmiths to maximise their revenue on replacement keys.

If you’re a locksmith looking for an emergency replacement for a lock or putting together a long term master key system, then please contact us today.

You can call us on 01902 737 672, email us at sales@masterkeysystems.co.uk or use the contact form on our website.

Our production team has been together for more than 15 years and we’re ready and waiting to deliver the solution you need.

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