Blowtorch Burglary: How To Prevent It With Snap Safe Locks

As burglars find more inventive and intrusive ways of entering your home, property and homeowners need to be prepared against their methods.

This means raising awareness and protecting against new methods of breaking and entering - such as the blowtorch burglary - and promoting burglar deterrents.

What is Blowtorch Burglary?

Blowtorch burglary refers to thieves using blowtorches to melt away part of the door in order to access the internal lock within the door. uPVC and composite doors are most vulnerable to this method, as the material surrounding the lock easily melts away under the heat of the blowtorch.

Blowtorch Burglary - Blue Gas Flame

Once the internal lock cylinder has been exposed, thieves can break the lock through lock snapping, targeting the weakened screw hold area in the centre of the lock to break it.

There are an increasing number of blowtorch burglaries happening in the UK, as this method becomes more popular amongst criminals.

Doors and windows are considered to be the easiest point of entry to your home, with the Office for National Statistics reporting that in 2020, 76% of domestic burglaries were accessed through an exterior door in the UK.

It is no wonder, therefore, that protective measures against blowtorch burglary and other unwarranted methods of entry are being encouraged as security for houses.

Snap Safe Locks... How Do They Work?

Snap safe locks are either TS007 or Sold Secure Diamond Standard certified locks; this means, compared to traditional locks, they cannot be broken by lock snapping.

Snap safe locks replicate traditional locks in regards to their look and fit in uPVC and composite doors, meaning there is no disadvantage to fitting a snap safe lock over a traditional look. But there are benefits to installing one…

These locks come with a manufacturer warranty for their durability - promoting peace of mind that your property is secure against lock snapping. Because of the security benefits, they could even lower your insurance premium, too.

Additional Prevention & Reinforcement

The installation of snap safe locks is not the only method of prevention against breaking and entering. Some additional prevention and reinforcement tips for home security include:

Sash Jammers

Sash jammers secure the door to the frame and prevent the door from being opened if the lock mechanism is eluded.

Door Chain Locks

Door chain locks secure the door to the frame from the inside of your building to prevent the door from being opened enough for someone to pass through and gain access to the property.


Deadbolts can only be opened from the inside of the house by a key or thumb turn and cannot be manipulated by a blade or card

Take Proactive Action To Protect Your Home and Possesions

Don’t let your home become another statistic – protect your home and possessions against theft by taking proactive action to secure your property against all methods of attack.

Whether you’re a homeowner, landlord, or HMO, home security is of the utmost importance, both for the protection of financial assets and for the peace of mind of occupants.

Ready To Discuss Snap Safe Locks?

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