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Landlords: 5 Proven Ways to Protect Your Property

Protect your Property risks

Recent global events have made it clear just how quickly a situation can change. If you’re a Landlord you may want to consider adding some extra security, for your tenants and to protect your property.

1. Motion Lights

For a stylish, inexpensive and practical layer of security; consider installing motion lighting around your property. Motion lights can be purchased from most DIY hardware outlets around the UK and are relatively cheap for the value they offer your security. Not only do motion lights protect you from outsiders, but they also allow you to identify trip hazards at night. Some careful planning is required to ensure the motion sensors can be triggered effectively, be sure to test the system at night!

2. Door Lock Systems

Home invaders are always looking for an opportunity to break into a property, often they will have tools to assist their entry. It’s no secret that locks can be picked like in the films, but did you know they can be drilled, ‘bumped’ and snapped? Fortunately for your tenants; there are lock systems and standards in place to make doors far more secure and protect your property.

TS007 High-Security Adapta Prime Cylinders are a hugely popular range of locks that offer very high security with features such as anti-snap, anti-bump and anti-drill. Built into a master key system; TS007 High-Security Adapta Prime Cylinders provide convenience to your added security – meaning a landlord can use one key to gain access to multiple properties. Each tenant is provided with a key which only works on their entrance, these are known as differ keys. The master key unlocks all doors and should be kept by the building manager.

3. Fire Alarm Systems

Devastation isn’t always caused by criminals. According to the UK Government; a shocking 36,283 dwelling fires were attended by fire services between 2018 – 2019 (, 2020).

As of 2015, the law requires landlords to install smoke alarms on every floor of their properties. Smoke alarms must be tested at the start of each tenancy. As well as smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors must also be installed in every room which features coal or wood-burning fires and stoves.

As a landlord, you could face a fine up to £5,000 for not having alarms installed in your properties, even if they are managed through an agency!

4. Intercom Systems

When managing buildings that house multiple tenants, like apartment blocks, securing your property can be tricky. It’s easy for intruders to slip past residents, who will naturally assume the intruder is a legitimate visitor. Thankfully advances in technology are making home intercom systems more affordable for the average household. These types of systems are capable of including features such as video, audio and even door-unlocking triggers.

5. Insurance

Although landlords’ insurance isn’t compulsory, the advantages to having it certainly outweigh the risks that come with not having a policy in place. Consider getting cover to protect your own finances, whilst keeping the well-being of your tenants in mind. Insurance offered to landlords can be broken down into categories:

  • Landlords’ building insurance
  • Landlords’ content insurance
  • Landlords’ liability insurance
  • Legal expenses insurance
  • Landlords’ home emergency cover

This might sound like an expensive venture; however, most insurance companies will offer these policies in a bundle, potentially tailored to your needs.


To protect your property and the tenants who call it their home you may want to consider implementing the strategies above. This will ensure everyone is safe - allowing for peace of mind whilst showing that you take interest in your tenants’ wellbeing!

Are you considering secure door lock systems for your property? MKS offers a range of high-security locks perfect for reinforcing doors.

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