Why Our Master Key Systems Are the Ideal Locking Systems for Your HMO Property

Master Key Systems | 28th June 2021

Master Key Systems Euro Profile for Landlords

As the owner of an HMO property, you want to ensure the tenants living under your roof are safe and secure while providing them with an efficient manner to get access to desired areas without needing to have a bunch of keys. You, as the landlord, may also want sufficient accessibility to be able to fulfil all your duties and also see to the safety and security of your tenants living in your HMO. There are many key systems to consider; down below, you’ll be able to look at what your options are as well as what key system may be the best fit for your HMO property.

Types of Key Systems

Cylinder and Thumb Turn System

This key system allows access from the outside and then an additional thumb turns on the inside, which is utilized for unlocking and locking the door. The Cylinder and Thumb Turn key system is the most specified by a long shot of all the Euro Cylinders. This specific key system is crucial for public accommodation at the last exit door or any publicly managed building. Cylinder and thumb key systems come in various sizes.

Restricted System

This key system is by far the most secure of all and provides convenience as well as safety at your fingertips. Contrasting other systems that are more for convenience’s sake, the restricted system offers more exclusivity in its keys which ultimately provides more security as well. Whereas open systems’ keys can be duplicated easily, a restricted system’s key profile is utterly restricted and cannot be cloned by anyone other than the Master Key manufacturer.

Why Our Master Key Systems Are Ideal for HMO Properties

First, landlords who use our master key systems will save themselves the inconvenience of carrying and working through an entire set of keys to access parts of the building the whole time. Also, landlords who utilize our master key systems will be able to monitor and control access of authorized individuals like a cleaning crew and maintenance workers.

We can also equip your property with traditional cylinder locks and padlocks in certain areas. Landlords have complete peace of mind as they will rest assured in knowing their tenants will only be able to access certain areas of the property on request, instead of them being able to have keys duplicated easily. Our services are fast and efficient in a way that we can have keys dispatched to landlords within 24 hours of the request - this is a result of our speedy computerized facilities for key cutting.

Importance Of Security for HMO Properties

A house with more than three tenants is considered an HMO (House with Multiple Occupancy). If you were to let out a home to one single family, the only priority would be to provide a safe environment for them as a group. But, if you were to host several tenants that aren’t related, each individual’s security needs to be assured by restricting access to each room except for common areas. The common entrance should be accessible for all tenants, but separate rooms should only be accessible to its occupant. At the same time, you, with the help of our master key system, can access any part of the property should the need arise. HMO door locks would then ideally be monitored and controlled with a master lock that will provide the key to the tenant to access their room, as well as a master key for you that can access each room.

You may even consider installing CCTV or another video system to monitor what’s happening inside your HMO’s common areas, along with providing controlled access to these areas for your tenants and their visitors with a master lock. Security is also one of the primary needs of any tenant looking to rent a room, so having these preventative measures in place will also help you rent out rooms much easier as well. Although these steps may seem a bit too much at the beginning, ensuring the safety of your tenants is always priority number one, and having a master key system throughout the HMO will allow you to do just that.

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