Why Euro Cylinder Locks Are The Most Popular Choice

Currently, there are many types of cylinder locks on the market; Euro Profile, Oval Profile, Rim Lock, Interchangeable Core and the Threaded to name a few.

With so many choices, choosing the right profile for your door may seem like a daunting task. Ultimately you want a locking system that is reliable, easily replaced and highly secure to prevent unwarranted entries into your property.

Rest assured that the most popular choice of lock for use in residential properties is the Euro Cylinder Lock. It’s widely used in many modern homes, schools, hospitals, and businesses to name a few. Due to its popularity, the euro-cylinder lock is the most versatile on the market. Here we’ll look at why it’s so highly regarded throughout the world of locksmiths.

Advantages & Locking Options For The Euro Cylinder Lock


One of the main advantages offered by the Euro Cylinder Lock is the fact they can be changed without altering any hardware built into a door.

In most cases, changing a euro cylinder lock is just a case of loosening a single screw. Once the correct screw is out, turning the key inside the lock will allow the cylinder to slide out from the door.

Because euro locks are so easily changed, the average homeowner can confidently take it upon themselves, making the process more cost-effective. For a helpful resource in changing a euro-cylinder lock, you can check out this video.

There are three different locking options available with the euro cylinder lock.

  • The single-cylinder is only lockable from one side.
  • The double-ended cylinder option locks from either side.
  • The key and thumb-turn option requires a key to be locked on the outside and is locked by a thumb-turn on the inside.

Euro cylinder locks are available in a variety of lengths and can be accommodated by most doors.

How Euro Cylinder Locks Are Utilised For Master Key Systems

For landlords, offices, schools, hotels and more; the introduction of the master key system has removed the need for carrying a crowded bunch of keys.

Using a master key system within a property means that: people have access to their individual space using unique keys, whilst a manager of the property can have access to all the space using just one key.

For instance, using just one key a tenant has access to their flat and also to their individual rooms but that key restricts access to a house-mates room. A master key would allow the building manager or landlord to open all the doors in the building for use in an emergency or maintenance.

The ability to incorporate a master key system into a euro cylinder lock is just one of the characteristics that make these locks so popular.

Security Advantages of Euro Cylinders

Before the introduction of anti-snap cylinders, locks could often be compromised by forcefully snapping them. Once snapped, the lock would be manipulated and opened.

To rectify this problem, snap-safe measures have been introduced into cylinders. They’re designed to only snap at the end, which keeps the middle part intact and your property safe from harm or forced entry.

Security and safety are the most important aspects to look out for in a lock, and so choosing a locking system you can rely on is essential for your home or commercial property.

The West Yorkshire Police recommend using euro cylinder locks that meet TS007 standards, these are the most resilient, and widely available locks which are built to deter criminal activity.

Ready to discuss euro cylinder locks?

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