Why Customers Trust Master Key Systems to Secure Their HMO Properties

Master Key Systems | 19th July 2021

Residential HMO Property - Why Customers Trust Master Key Systems

An HMO property is a residence that houses multiple occupants. The idea is that each occupant has their individual room and then share a communal space. The subdivided property allows occupants to live alone in a sense. Although the occupants live alone, they are under the management of a landlord.

The landlord of the HMO property will have to give all occupants their individual keys so that they can enter and leave as they please. As the property has one main entrance, the idea of multiple locks and keys confuses the system. Thus, many HMO property landlords use a master key system.

But why do our customers trust master key systems? Let us explain.

What Is A Master Key System?

A master key system is a suite of keys that can unlock the same door. A special lock is installed onto a door so that two or more keys can unlock it.

The reason for using a master key system as a landlord is to reduce the number of keys that they need to carry around. Furthermore, it means that the same lock will be used by all occupants of the HMO property.

Master Key Systems Solutions

There are a few master key solutions that HMO property owners will likely use.

Basic system

The most basic solution to a master key system is a cylinder lock. These can be opened by a single master key. With this master key system, all occupants (and the landlord) will have the same master key. They will each have a copy so that they can enter the property and their subdivided room.

Slave system

A slave master key system refers to a key that only has access to their own door. The slave key has restricted access, which is set to pre-coded specifications. This prevents occupants from gaining access to other occupants' areas.

Combination of both basic and salve systems

In many cases, a landlord will use a combination of the two solutions. They will have the basic system so that they can use the single master key to open all locks. Then, the landlord will give each occupant their own slave key so that they can only access their own area.

What Benefits Do Master Key Systems Provide to HMO Properties?

There are several benefits of master key solutions. Hence, why landlords of HMO properties trust them. So long as landlords install HMO compliant door locks, they are good to use a master key system. The type of solution they use will likely be one of those listed above.

Here are the key benefits of our master key systems:

Greater control over keys

If a landlord chooses to have their own basic system master key and give occupants slave keys, they have greater control of the HMO property. They will be able to access every room, but the occupants can only access their own.

Better efficiacy of maintenance personnel

Many HMO properties hire maintenance personnel to take care of the cleaning and repairs of the property. Having a master key system allows those individuals to have access to the property when they need it.

Thus, the property will be better maintained. Having just one key will increase security and prevent those individuals from entering certain rooms if they were given a slave key.

Inexpensive set-up costs

Having a master key system means that if you need more keys or HMO door locks, it will be pretty inexpensive. They are batch produced and therefore cheaper to purchase and install. A new lock will mean that the existing keys can be used and means no additional new keys will be needed.

Why Should A HMO Landlord Invest In A Master Key System?

For those that own and manage HMO properties, you may have experienced the issues when keys go missing or occupants invade other occupants' space. Although there is a communal space, it can be an issue if someone enters another person’s room. To prevent that, and having to buy extra keys, a master system will solve those issues.

With our master key system, you can provide occupants with their own slave key that has restricted access. If you hear of occupants entering a space that isn’t theirs, then a slave master key solution can solve the issue. The restricted access will ensure that they can only enter their own space.

As a landlord, you may want to keep an eye on tenants and maintenance staff. Thus, if you have a single master key, you will be able to enter the property as well as all of the areas. This means you will have total control. So long as you ask for access to the occupant’s individual rooms, you will not be hindering or evading people’s privacy. After all, the building is owned and managed by landlords, so they should have full access whenever they want or need it.

Don't Lock Yourself Out; Customers trust Master Key Systems

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