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Which is the Best Type of Bike Lock?

Each year there are around 376,000 bicycles stolen in the UK, which works out to be one every 90 seconds! Having your bike stolen is a horrible experience and enough to put you off cycling for a while. A whopping 66% of cyclists admit to cycling less once this has happened to them. However, cycling is a great way to keep fit, it’s a green and healthy form of travel and its therapeutic!

During an expedition on your two wheels, there are measures you can take to ensure the safety of your bicycle and prevent it from being stolen. The most obvious choice for securing your bicycle would be a sturdy lock, but which one suits you? Here we’ll look at some differences between the three main types of bicycle lock; cable locks, D-locks and chain locks.

Cable Locks

Cable locks are convenient and lightweight, making them easy for you to carry. They come in longer lengths and can be looped around all bikes. Cable locks like the Squire ‘Mako Combi’ feature combination locks, meaning you don’t even have to worry about losing keys, just don’t forget your combination! Cable locks are also available with key locking mechanisms just in case that’s what you fancy. The metal cable is covered in a durable plastic, designed to withstand any weather and ensure the cable doesn’t rust.

Cable locks are best used with an additional D-lock or ground anchor for added security. However, they are fine to use alone if you live in a low-crime area, or if you’re just popping into a shop quickly. Cables are more flexible compared to chain locks, which can be useful when securing your bike to certain objects. For example, the ridged nature of D-locks can sometimes be tricky to fit around a fence.


These are considered some of the most secure and durable locks out there! At times, they can be challenging to manoeuvre through certain bike frames, but don’t let that put you off, these bike locks are more likely to deter thieves. So, a bit of bike-lock-Tetris from time to time will be worth it in the long run.

D-locks vary in length and weight so you’ll easily find one that suits your bike. The Squire ‘Hammerhead D-Locks’ are strong contesters in the bike lock business and are available as a combination lock or key lock mechanism, the key mechanism has a slightly higher security rating of 10/10! Despite the added weight that comes with using a D-lock, the extra security they provide will certainly put your mind at ease.

Chain Locks

Chains locks are the heaviest and the sturdiest of the bunch, with their bulky padlock and thick links, they’re usually available in a range of lengths. You can loop them around any bike and they often feature a material sleeve that makes them easier to handle in the cold and prevents the links from pinching your skin. They are great deterrents against thieves, combining the features of both D-locks and cables, making them an extremely tough yet flexible. Ultimately, you can choose a combination lock or key operated lock as the chain is connected with a standard padlock.

Squire ‘Lock and chains’ combine a super-tough chain with the strongest padlock in the world! Thieves will surely think twice before attempting to steal your sweet ride. A great benefit of using a lock and chain is that where other bike locks are often more suited to specialised bike racks, you can use a chain lock to secure your bike to any non-movable object such as a railing or fence (please be respectful and avoid causing frustration to others when choosing where to secure your bike).


Whilst bike locks are a fantastic deterrent for thieves, it’s important to strongly consider the level of protection you need for your bike. If your bike is a super-expensive piece of kit; taking out insurance on your bike may just save some heartache. If your bike is worth £500+ then it’s probably not worth locking up in public for long periods of time, depending on the levels of crime in your area.

Thankfully; Squire, producers of the strongest padlock in the world, make some extremely tough bike locks. Here at Master Key Systems, we’re now stocking Squire Bikeloks! You can check out their brochure HERE. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions., you can email us at sales@masterkeysystems.co.uk or call us on 01902 737 672.

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