Master Key Systems vs Access Control Card Key Systems

Master Key Systems | 23rd August 2021

Master Key Systems Vs Access Control Systems

If you are looking to control access to a building that multiple people need access to, you’ll likely consider both master key systems and access control card key systems. However, knowing which is the best option for you and your property can be tricky. For that reason, this article compares the two, highlighting the advantages and benefits of each.

What Is a Master Key System?

The master key system is a solution that allows landlords and company owners to assign individuals with keys offering different levels of access. The grandmaster key provides the owner with the ability to open all locks in the scheme, while keys lower down in the tier system begin to restrict access. How many access levels you have depends on your circumstances, operational complexity and security requirements.

Master Key Systems Advantages

Master key systems offer a host of advantages that make them attractive to businesses, landlords and other building managers.


A door lock master key system is one of the most affordable security options for shared buildings. They allow you to control exactly which key-bearers have access to specific spaces on your property without the need for heavy investment.

Higher Security

They also permit higher security. Whenever you use standard key systems for properties, there’s always a risk that keys will be lost or stolen. If the HMO landlord has opted for an open system, there is a risk that unauthorised individuals can get your HMO properties key cut as an open system uses standard keys which all key bars nationwide have key blanks for. In a traditional setup, you have two options: either ignore the problem or replace all the locks at great expense. But with a master key system, you have a third option: rekey the lock to make it incompatible with the old subkey.

Improved Access Control

Master keys also provide property owners and managers with improved access to buildings. You can use master key systems to provide access across a wide range of properties using a single key, negating the need to carry vast numbers of keys around with you all the time. It also makes it easier to access a building in case of an emergency.

What is an Access Control Card Key System?

An access control card key system is another popular solution for situations in which multiple building users have varying access requirements. Under this setup, individual keycards provide selective access to predefined areas, such as individual rooms, entrances, garages, and recreational facilities.

Benefits of Using an Access Control Card Key System

Access control card key systems come with a host of benefits. These include:

Simplified Management

With access control systems, you can swiftly manage your buildings security credentials, ensuring that each guest, tenant or employee can access the areas they are permitted to access.

Set Access Dates

Access control systems also allow you to programme dates and times that a certain individual can access a building. For instance, you may only permit hallway cleaning staff to access a building between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm to coincide with regular working hours.

Keep Track of Who Accesses the Building

Lastly, some keycards connect via software to control systems that let you track access usage.

Ultimately, the solution you choose depends on your access requirements. However, master key lock systems are a convenient, long-term solution that continues to function even as you scale.

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