Common Settings for Master Key Systems

Five Settings That Are Perfect for A Master Key System

The installation of a master key system offers large buildings with many rooms or sites with multiple residences ease of access for maintenance and property management. Master key systems are commonly incorporated into euro profile cylinder locks, and its purpose is to provide a multi-level access system, allowing for keyholders to access limited or unlimited rooms on a site with a single key.

Master keyed locksets are a smart way of providing security and utility at the same time, they can offer efficiency for property managers by reducing a key set to just one key. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the typical settings in which a master key system is suited for.

1. Care Homes / Nursing Homes

The most common setting we install master key systems into are care homes / nursing homes. Privacy and safety are paramount in these settings. The perfect way to balance these two issues is with the use of a master key system. That way, each occupant has access to only their own room whereas carers, cleaners and management will have access to all rooms. This is an important security feature that all care homes and nursing homes should feature.

2. Schools and Academies

It is important that every room in a school or educational building is able to be secured, but it’s equally important that specific employees can quickly gain entry to that room.

Example; there are 3 rooms in the science department of a school, there are also 3 rooms in the maths department. Each room has a teacher who requires access to their individual rooms only. The head of the science department requires access to all of the science rooms, but not to the maths department. Finally, the headteacher of the school requires access to all of the rooms in both the maths and science departments. This is completely achievable using master keyed locksets. Check out this video for a representation of the inner workings of a master keyed lock.

3. For Landlords and Homes with Multiple Occupants

Master key systems remove the need for tenants to have multiple keys for access to the building and their individual rooms. It also provides easy access for property managers and saves precious time in the event of an emergency. You may need to carry out an inspection when the tenants aren't present. With their permission, you could use the master key for that purpose. If you’re a landlord or property manager, consider using master keyed locksets in your properties.

4. Hospitality Venues

Hospitality venues such as football stadiums and racecourses also benefit from the use of a master key system. Having access to any part of the complex is absolutely vital for staff, and particularly for security and emergency services. Consider the use of a master key system if you are operating in a venue of this sort.

5. Large Commercial Premises

In a similar vein, offices will require at least one person having access to all areas. Personal office’s, board rooms, server rooms and security rooms all need to be lockable. Entry to these rooms should be restricted so that only the people that need access to them have access. Euro profile locks offer a more affordable, less extreme and more reliable entry system than a digital locking system. A master key system is ideal in this scenario.


Master key systems are providing landlords and building managers with entry systems necessary for easy access, privacy and security. If you manage property that could benefit from the installation of master keyed locksets, contact Master Key Systems today for advice from our friendly team. Call 01902 737 672 or email today for assistance.

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