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Long Established Manufacturer Of Quality Door Cylinder Master Keyed locks.

Master Key Systems are a long-established manufacturer of quality door cylinder Master Keyed locks. We design and manufacture the Anti-Bump and Anti Snap security locks around both TS007 1* and TS007 3* kite marked cylinders. The Master Key lock system is created to allow for all the door cylinders required to be Euro cylinders of any size. (Every lock is built to be opened by the Master Key if required).

Master key systems recommend this grade of door cylinder where security is the main requirement. The door cylinder has been accredited by the British standards association to offer the highest standard of safety and security available at the moment.

For further information on other grades of product please refer to the individual product pages on this website or use the contact form below or call our team on 01902 737 672. We will be happy to guide you to the best solution.

MKS would always recommend you check with your insurer regarding the use of an approved security lock as they are as keen as you are to keep burglars out of your property(s).

Door Cylinder price can vary by the level of security required. We recommend external doors or first entry points need to be the best protected and the use of a 1 or 3-star high-security cylinder here is strongly recommended.

Of course, it is not always necessary to use such high security locking hardware and other door furniture, for instance: to protect a garage or shed full of garden equipment.

Here it is good enough to make the potential thief aware that locks are being used and to take action to make it harder for them to force the door/lock. Good padlocks being one way to secure such buildings. This may well stop all but the most determined burglar.

Anti Snap Locks Master Key Systems

High Security Locks

Kite Marked TS007 cylinders are designed to be drill resistant even to diamond-tipped drills. The cylinders, (sometimes referred to as barrels) are tested to very demanding standards before achieving the kitemark status. The British Standards Institute have to ensure that they are attack resistant to drilling, bumping snapping and picking.

In addition, the cylinder barrel is endurance tested to be able to function after a minimum of 100,000 open and close cycles. It is tested under extremes of temperature both hot and cold.

Euro Cylinders Available

The differ or servant keys will open their own doors and others if stipulated. Euro Security Cylinders are available in a variety of sizes to suit all door thicknesses including PVCu doors. All sizes are also available as a cylinder with a thumb turn. In addition, single or half-cylinders are available where only a visible key on the outside is required. The new standard for these security euro locks is currently Kite Marked, which protects the end-user. Cylinder Barrel Locks are available without a master key where door cylinders are not required to be opened by more than one key.

Suited or keyed alike is an option whereby more than 1 cylinder lock can be opened by the same key but there is no overall master key.

There are other features available such as anti-drill and anti-pick. TS007 approved euro cylinders are high-security door cylinders, designed to meet current insurance requirements for domestic and commercial applications where security is paramount.

Anti Snap Locks

Euro cylinder Anti Snap locks have a sacrificial cut on the outer side of the body, so that should someone try and snap the cylinder the mechanism within the cylinder locks preventing illegal access. Anti-Drill function ensures (by means of hardened pins within the cylinder), that a drill is unable to penetrate the keyway again preventing illegal access. Anti-Pick ensures that a locksmiths pick in the wrong hands are not able to manipulate the operating pins.

To ensure reliable service from your Anti Snap locks security product we would recommend that you service the item at a frequency detailed in our maintenance leaflet. Always keep a spare key somewhere safe, as a locksmith call out on a cylinder that is hard to break into can be expensive

Bump Resistant Locks

Bump resistant (anti-bump) means that the lock will resist a process known as "bumping". This requires a dedicated bump key to suit the door cylinder profile. This key is specially designed by unscrupulous individuals to aid illegal access.

It is not widely used by reputable locksmiths. The key is moved in and out of the lock rapidly to try and line the pins up so the key can be turned. This is not a very common means of access as the process can be quite noisy.

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