Eliminate Security Risks with a Master Key System

Master Key Systems | 5th July 2021

Property Security is Key

Buying a property is a big investment so when you are renting it out it can come with some reservations about what could happen to that property while people are living there or potentially when they move out.

On average, 400,000 burglaries are reported yearly in the UK, which peaks in the winter, so it’s no surprise that security is a big issue when renting properties.

In most cases rented properties are also less secure because the tenant is in control of maintaining the property and the worst for this is HMO properties as multiple people are living in the property meaning more people have the chance to make mistakes and leave the property at risk.

Eliminate Security Risks with a Master Key System

Its the Landlord's responsibility to eliminate security risks

Unfortunately, it mainly falls on the landlord to check the property and make sure it stays secured if they’re worried about the state of the property, as it’s the landlord's duty to make sure the tenants are safe. However, the tenants should be proactive in keeping the property secure also, it’s down to you so you don’t get prosecuted.

You need to make sure your property is secure and remains maintained, things like fences and gates need to be locked or kept in good shape to prevent people from getting to the property.

If you are a landlord and you are worried about the security of your homes whether that be while being rented or after a tenant moves out then, this is a guide on Master Key Systems and how their locks can help to keep your property secure in more ways than one.

So what is a Master Key System?

The master key system is a locking system that can be installed on your property.

The defining feature of this for landlords and other property owners that may require lots of locks is that you as the owner will have one key that accesses all the locks which give you easy access and allows you to get in and out of the building without needing loads of different keys.

The way this works for others staying in the property, for example, an HMO property, is that the tenants would be given a key each specific to their door and lock and one for the front door so they can access the building.

These are known as differ keys and means they can only access the room specified for that key they are given.

Group Of Euro Cylinder Locks

How Does the Master Key System Increase Security?

One of the best features of the master key system is the ability to block new keys from getting cut.

What this means is that when a person moves out, you know exactly how many keys they have so you can request them back and if they ask for a new key to be cut it has to be authorised by the owner and done through Master Key Systems to cut and distribute the key; meaning that when a tenancy comes to an end you know whether someone has a key to access the property and you don’t need to worry that they’ve gotten a key cut to access the property after they move out.

You are also able to track who has what authorisation level and how many keys they should have, meaning you’re in control of everything as opposed to being kept in the dark of what keys are in circulation.

With master key systems, the locks that are used can also feature the TS007 which can protect the cylinders from methods of entry such as snapping, bumping or drilling.

This can put you and your tenants at ease, knowing that the property is secure when it comes to breaking in and because there is a master key, it’s a lot easier to gain entry in emergencies instead of fumbling for keys you know you have access to all areas of the house.

If you are worried about security at your properties then worry no more if you switch to our master key system, we’ll make sure that you are fully secure and have more control over who is entering your property and what they have access to in it.

Eliminate Risk, Enquire Today and Secure your HMO Property

Depending on your current setup, your properties or tenants could be at risk. There are different systems out there that may work for you and if you are still unsure, you can look at how we compare Master Key Systems with Access Control Door Cards.

However, Eliminate risk now by understanding the benefits of a master key system.

Our team are on hand to answer any questions that you may have. Use the quick and easy contact form, or call us on 01902 737 672 .

You can also email us sales@masterkeysystems.co.uk. We look forward to hearing from you.

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