Complete Master Key System Design

At MKS we have over 25 years’ experience in designing and building Master key suites to individual customer requirement. We employ the latest system design software and our senior planner overseas every complex suite to ensure reliability in service.

Euro Cylinders Master Key Systems

Master Keys Suite Designs

Master Keys suite designs range from very basic to complex, we encourage all our customers to be aware that the more complex the system the more frequent that the suite will require regular maintenance, therefore, the more complex the greater the need to maintain it. You can refer to our page on cylinder maintenance on our website.

MKS will always discuss the options and ways of designing the suite based on a range of criteria given by the customer. We will ask various questions for example. Q1 how many doors requiring cylinders would you envisage requiring over the next 5 plus years? Q2 would these all be in 1 location? Q3 what level of key security would you require? Etc We answer many of these in our FAQ section on our web site.

Master key Systems generally fall within a few categories, as a general rule the systems are made up of door cylinders each with there own key but all operated by 1 or many levels of Master keys which is described in a bit more detail further on.

Not so common but becoming popular in Schools and Academies is the key control suite with Master Key. As an example, the Head Teacher would hold the Master Key which opens every door. The rooms are then divided into faculty groups, I.e English, Maths etc. the individual teachers or admin staff would then be given a key to open the doors within there teaching subject. This ensures that teachers and caretakers are not carrying large amounts of individual keys.

Master Key Systems Euro Profile

Typical & common suites are:


  • Grand Master Suites this is where the Grand Master key Opens all doors and the Master key or Keys only open there designated doors, this could be a suite of offices on say 6 floors each
  • Master would only open doors on 1 floor so there would be 6 Master Keys (1 for each floor) and 1 Grand Master Key.
  • Master Key Suite a smaller version of the Grand Master Key Suite but again you can design in Sub Master Keys which only open designated doors which would have been built into the original design.
  • The Master Key Suite is ideal for the Landlord HMO as they can incorporate Sub Masters for 1 or a small group of houses typically within a designated area, this works very well for maintenance or cleaning contractors.
  • The Key to a successful Master Key Suite is Look and plan ahead, do not make it too complicated but focus on key and physical security to help protect your property and tenants.
  • A simple master key planning sheet is available on the web site.

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