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Commercial Businesses

As business owners, care providers and commercial businesses, you are always looking for simple ways to allow employees varied access to around the business, the business owner gets a Grand Master key that opens every lock in the building. Employees, however, get keys that only open specific locks or allow access to specific parts of the building. These different tiers of access privileges can be fully customized, giving you complete control over your business’s security.

Understanding the keys used in a Master Key Systems

This allows businesses to customize the level of access for their employees and management levels.

Master key

Also known as the Grand Master Key, this is the principal key that controls all the locks in a single master key system. This is the key that can unlock all locks in a building.

Sub-master keys

These can be handed out to various levels of seniority in a dwelling to ensure each person has access to only their applicable or relevant spaces.

Differ keys

These keys are a step lower than a sub-master key and are great for maintenance managers or staff who require access to specific areas like store rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and more.

Benefits of using master key systems  

As a business owner or commercial business, looking for balance security with employee access is something that is important we provide the following:

  • Security: You can design your system to give employees access to only the areas they need, enhancing the security of your business.
  • Key security: All Keys are registered with engraved reference numbers on each key this ensure that keys are not copied elsewhere without your consent.
  • Control: When combined with a high-security lock, a master key system ensures no one will duplicate your key without your express permission.
  • Convenience: As the business owner or manager, you only need one key to open every door in the business.

Further benefits of a master key system include:

  • Various degrees of control.
  • A single key can be used across multiple points of entry.
  • Specific and targeted limits for various individuals.
  • Reducing the weight of keys, you carry around, and eliminate the struggle to find the right one to get where it is that you need to be.
  • Control: An additional benefit for businesses is that reducing the number of keys they must distribute.
  • This makes it much easier to track and have them returned in the case that an employee leaves the company.

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