Master Key Systems MKS Limited
Master Key Systems MKS Limited

Squire Padlocks

Available Keyed Alike and Master Keyed

Available in two body widths 50mm and 65mm –

Solid hardened steel lock bodies

Open, closed and long shackle types available

Hardened boron alloy steel shackles

Rekeyable 5 & 6 pin tumbler lock mechanism

Over 50,000 key differs

Key section can be upgraded to Restricted Patented or Kite Marked

Highly corrosion resistant Electrophoretic black coating

with stormproof cover

CEN Rated and LPCB Approved


  • Master Keying
  • Suiting (All keyed the same i.e operated by same key)
  • Standard Differ (own individual key not operated by any other key)


  • Restricted Profile
  • Open profile
  • Patented

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